Minimum Wage. Survive a month in the UK with ‎£1000‎.

Sergio García
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👉What is it?

It is a board game in which the student advances box by box with a dice, representing a communicative situation in a dialogue with the partner, or with the teacher. Shopping situations are represented in stores, requests for favors, with prize boxes and "nefarious" boxes. The objective of the game is to achieve the free oral production of the student trying to give a context of reality to each production.

👉The game is designed for A1. Participants receive an expense sheet, with a balance of 1000 pounds, and have to overcome the "mileurista goose" and reach the end with some money in their pocket. The player must develop the dialogues of the squares in which he is landing and make a correct production. It can be played in pairs and thus the pair must produce the dialogue, and the teacher only control the production.

👉Correction point count can be kept in addition to economic count.

👉It is ideal for working on A1 content, shopping, stores and the basic communication functions that occur at this level.

👉Two versions, one for table, one for screen (for online lesson or smart board) are included.

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